Chat história 18/09/2012

Joseph:Greatest moment in a Rangers top?

Vladi:All moments are the best for me but mostly setting up the winner in the cup final :) WATP

Peter:Prečo si sa rozhodol pre Pescaru? Nemal by si to v Espanyole lepšie ? Lepšia liga, lepší team ...

Vladi:Nové ambície nove ciele, chcel som vyskúšať taliansku ligu.

Mary:Your best goal you scored and why?

Vladi:For Slovakia v Turkey, the first game after my dad finished the managers job! The goal was for him!

Nolan:Which footballer did you look up to when you where younger?

Vladi:Tomas Rosicky

John:Who do you think will win the premier league?

Vladi:I think MCFC again

Janet:If you weren't a footballer,what do you think you would be doing?

Vladi:Probably a model ;) haha only jokin

Marek:Who do u think is the best player in the world?

Vladi:Messi! Its unbelievable how he motivates himself before everygame! Hes a football genius

Ian:Best player u have played with?

Vladi:Hard to choose because i played with alot of good players but i going to say my friend Phil Coutinho hes is a great talent with alot of potential and a very good person :)

Scott:Any regrets in football?

Vladi:No i dont regret anything, in football and in life

Greg:What is your your favourite football chant or song that the fans sing from your the clubs youve been with?

Vladi:Weiss will tare you apart again! Gives me goosebumps thinking about that!

Lee:Who is the best manager you have worked under?

Vladi:My dad

Jacqueline:How many tattoos do u have & the meanings of them???

Vladi:Alot haha and more to come! But long story for the meanings ha

Jonny:Why won't you notice me :( have you ever been to Holland :)

Vladi:There is alot of people to notice sorry! Yes i like it :)

Patrick:Who was your favourite mate in espanyol? Thanks for your wonderful year hear in barcelona!

Vladi:Probably rui fonte, he was the only one who spoke english haha, only jokin rui;)

Marc:Hi Vladimir, what do you think about Pescara and their supporters? How is the atmosphere in the team now? We need to win!

Vladi:Great supporters. There behind us even though we lost 3 games! We need to be positive and we WILL make you happy soon! Forza Pescara Thank you all very much, i will be doing this more often because i love to keep all my fans happy! You mean alot to me and keep me motivated! Wish you all the best! I love you all :)